The Windborne's photography light stand the Turf Stand is the new standard by which professional photographers will judge lighting stands.  Created out of sheer necessity this photography light stand stand accepts new environmental challenges with ease and allows for a more versatile outdoor shooting experience.  High winds and uneven terrain are no match for this photography light stand's tough metal tines and ingenius self-supporting design.  Be it a steep hill, loose sand, muddy river bed or even a rooted forest floor this stand stays upright and balanced without the aid of sandbags or an extra set of hands.  Windborne's photography light stand combines rugged durability with a light-weight frame and features a universal 1/4" threaded end, perfect for today's most popular speedlights, modifier arms and other lighting accesories.  So do yourself a favor and show nature who's boss by adding a Windborne Turf Stand to your team.
Turf Stand

Outdoor Photography Light Stand

If you ask any professional photographer to list the critical components for creating an award-winning photo they are bound to list lighting as one of the most important elements.  The direction, quantity, quality and color of the light can dramatically impact a photograph for better or worse. Of course in a studio you have the luxury of precise control over how the subject of a photograph is lit, but outdoors is a different story.  

In fact many may argue that lighting is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in outdoor photography. The constantly changing weather can deliver a variety of fluctuating lighting challenges including harsh light, shadows and changing light temperatures. Sure you arm yourself with umbrellas, reflectors, halos, and speed lights, but setting up a light stand on a steep hill, loose gravel, sand, mud, water or a rooted forest floor can be a daunting task.  When you do finally set up your lighting accessories you’re only one gust of wind away from bringing your photo session to a screeching halt.  

The Turf Stand is the solution to your outdoor lighting dilemma. You won’t have any trouble carrying this lightweight stand to a remote location, and the sturdy frame and unique mount allows the light stand to be used in virtually any environment without the need for sandbags or concern for winds.  You can shoot on a beach, in the woods, from the side of a hill or the middle of a field without having to wrestle with your light stand.  Nor do you need to bring an assistant in case your stand can’t do the job.  Perhaps even better, your days of lugging sand bags are over.   The one of a kind five prong base takes a bite out of any turf your working on (without leaving a mark) and allows you to take advantage of more lighting opportunities. Whether you are shooting in remote areas or photographing an outdoor wedding the Turf Stand is an essential piece of your photography lighting equipment.  

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10 Reasons You Need a Turfstand Professional Outdoor Photography Light Stand

1. Light There’s no need to log extra hours at the gym just to lug this light stand to location.  It only weighs 2.5 lbs, nothing compared to some of the 11 lb. alternatives on the market. 

2. Durable This robust light stand was built with aluminum and steel with two strong locking knobs. You won’t need to replace this stand in a year due to internal spring features falling apart, or the top no longer being able to hold your light in place. Yes you can put away the duct tape you won’t need it anymore. 

3. Weather Don’t be afraid of a little wind.  This is where the Turfstand light stand really shows what it’s made of.  The steel spike base, anchors the stand firmly making it a necessity for those breezy beach photo shoots. 

4. High Load Bearing You can load this light stand with up to 4.5 lbs (2 kilograms) of equipment. 

5. Versatile The stand head has a ¼” thread, 20mm nut diameter over a 5/8” stud.  It holds a variety of lighting tools including reflectors, diffusers, strobes and flashes. 

6. Easy to Use Using the Turfstand is simple, just anchor the base firmly into the ground (sand, mud, dirt) extend the stand using the two locking knobs and attach your lighting tool. 

7. Compact This 7'6” stand is only 34” when disassembled making it easy to bring to even the most remote locations. 

8. Stable Other stands my claim that the legs are long enough to offer stability but all it takes is a gust of wind to topple them over.  Traditional outdoor stands also leave you limited when you are attempting to work on a hillside.  The Turfstand can be anchored securely on a hillside, beach, forest floor and other areas where other light stands would be an accident just waiting to happen. 

9. Guaranteed If you order the Turfstand and are unhappy with it for any reason you can return it and receive a full refund for up to one year after the date of purchase. 

10. Affordable Priced at only $139.00 with free shipping this high performance outdoor light stand is a great value. Click here to order now

Let there be Light! 
The importance of a quality photography light stand. 

Photography equipment goes well beyond the camera. Knowing this, a photographer also knows that a single piece of unreliable equipment can mean the difference between a successful shot and a missed opportunity. Something as small and seemingly innocent as a photo light stand can interfere with the success of a photo shoot. Despite the fact that the person behind the camera is amazing at what they do, an equipment failure can sabotage an entire shoot.

Photography light stands are important to the staging of a shot. A photo light stand needs to be versatile in the equipment it can hold and the terrain that it can be used in. Having a stand that is perfect for flashes but does not work well for strobes or lights can mean that you need to carry additional equipment to the location of the shoot. If you are traveling to multiple locations in one day, the extra trip it would take to carry more than one photo light stand to each location can drag out the day and mean lost chances for great photos.

For a photographer blessed enough to work in an area with a variety of terrain, the limited use of a photography light stand can mean the photographer is forced to bring several sand bags and other props to attempt to anchor the stand. This leaves less room in the vehicle for the rest of the equipment. Even the sheer bulk of the photo light stand itself can make a difference in fitting in the last case filled with strobes, and that can lead to an embarrassing moment hours later when the strobe that is needed for the final shot is back at the studio.

Indirectly, the unreliability of a photography light stand, a seemingly innocuous piece of equipment, can also mean the loss of a customer. This can occur, for example, if the photographer is unable to set up the light stand (and keep it standing) in difficult terrain. A photographer may be talented but undependable equipment may still lead to less than impressive photos.

The durability of a photo light stand can make all the difference as well. A stand that is built to handle the weight of the heaviest equipment yet does not have a sufficient base to grip uneven terrain can fall during a shot and interfere with the desired result. A photography light stand must incorporate the ability to hold heavy equipment with the ability to withstand heavy winds, especially when you consider the danger flying equipment present to a model.

If you are serious about outdoor photography you need to invest in an outdoor light stand created specifically to withstand the elements.  Take a look at the Turfstand created by professional photographer Mike Drilling specifically suited for your most difficult outdoor photography challenges. 

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